Weekend Update: September 14th

This Week

This is week has been so much fun! Well, after getting home from work, because ya know, work. I feel like I’ve been extremely productive this week, working on all sorts of things. Don’t you worry your pretty little head, you’ll find out soon enough what mysterious things I’ve been up to. Muahaha! Something I can share with you guys is that I started my YouTube channel! Freaking finally. It’s been way too long y’all, but I’m doing it. I’m definitely learning a lot when it comes to lighting and well, filming an entire video and then finding out it wasn’t in focus.. YUP. That happened. If y’all have any tips at all PLEASE leave them in a comment below. Any tips and tricks to Youtubing are welcomed. What lights to buy, what cameras are the best, etc. I decided to name my channel TannaMontana then a day later changed it because I realized there are A LOT of users named TannaMontana. My mom suggested Tanna Ray, and immediately, it felt right. I will always be Tanna Ray, even when I marry and change my last name.. or hyphenate it.. we’ll see. Ray is actually my middle name. I was named after my papa, Kenneth Ray. I’m so honored to share a name with him because he’s kind of amazing!

I’m having intro and outro videos made on Fiverr, a freelance website that’s AWESOME! I might put myself on it to run social media accounts for small businesses, so if you’re looking for a digital strategist, hit me up! BUT I’m really excited to see what this graphic designer is making for me, and to show you guys. It was only $40 total, for the intro and outro. It was $40 because I decided to upgrade to the middle option, which gives me the ability to ask for revisions. If you don’t want to have revisions it’s about $20 total!

Weekend Plans

Today, I’m working and then riding 20 miles with StudioPOP at the Guthrie Green downtown! If you’re not familiar with the Gutherie, it’s a grassy area downtown where they host all sorts of cool events. StudioPOP is bringing their cycles to the green and we are riding as a team for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! How cool is that? I’m so passionate about helping others in any way I possibly can, so when I heard about this, I just couldn’t say no. I have the ability to do things like this so easily. Many individuals don’t. So I figured I could spare a good 2 hours, or however long it takes to ride 20 miles, and do something positive. If you’re passionate about this foundation or about helping others in need, you can donate to the cause here. I’m already planning on ordering a pizza and eating it on the ground in front of my TV after the event! Haha!

Saturday, I’m planning on going to Studiopop for 30/30 spin and yoga but I might change to the yoga class only, depending on, if I’m ya know, alive. We shall see. This will be my first weaken din Tulsa alone and ‘m excited to just relax and do some things for myself and run some much needed errands. I’ll probably film some videos, write blog posts, do a little internet searching, and more!

Sunday, I’ll probably do the same things I have planned for Saturday but stay in my PJs ALL day!!


Y’all! I’ve been SO good. I only bought groceries from Target! I’ve been pinning like crazy on Pinterest though for fall! Check it out here.

What I’m Crushin’ On:

I’m ALWAYS crushin’ on somethin’
1. This hooded sweatshirt cardigan – $50 – It’s so trendy looking but comfy looking as well!
2. This striped sweater – $69 – oh my gosh, y’all! Idk why but I just love this!
3. Pretty pink Vans!!! – $60
4. Comfy front tie top – $31

Show of the Week: Still over here watching Vampire Diaries…

Have a FAB weekend!

Love always,

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