Weekend Update: September 28th

This Week

This week felt SOOO slow on Tuesday. I felt like it was never going to get to Friday. Now, I can’t believe it’s Friday. Do you ever have weeks like that? I’ve been staying busy writing and working on lots of things outside of work such as, sewing, writing blog posts, filming, and Pinterest. I even started a foodie instagram! Check it out here. It was about time honestly. I wanted a place where I could talk about food and recipes because cooking and baking is one of my favorite past times!

Weekend Plans

Today, I’m working during the day then after work…. ANDREW WILL BE IN TOWN! He’s visiting for my birthday tomorrow. More on that later. I’ll be filming a birthday video and writing a blog post on how I feel about turning 25! Tonight, we’re going to hangout. I don’t think we are going to do anything crazy. We might go out to eat and pop over to Target.

Saturday, We’re starting out the day at studioPOP! They’re having a special Florence + The Machine ride. As many of you know, Florence + The Machine is my FAVORITE band. I love Florence Welch so much. She’s a goddess. LOL. I couldn’t believe they were having this on my birthday! The rest of the day is full of surprises. Andrew won’t tell me what we’re doing. I’m okay with that though. I love surprises!!

Sunday, I really want to go to Antoinettes. It’s one of my favorite breakfast places in Tulsa and it’s so close to where I live. Later in the day, Andrew’s going to head home and I guess I’ll just be chilling for the rest of the evening. I’m most likely going to be straightening up my closet… It’s a nightmare.


I didn’t buy anything this week. I know!!! It’s been a weird week working on lots of things and going to bed early, so no time for shopping.

What I’m Crushin’ On:

I’m ALWAYS crushin’ on somethin’
1. Pullover sweater – $49.50
2. The CUTEST cat print tee – $9
3. Faux leather moto jacket – $39.99

Show of the Week: I just started Maniac and really like it! It’s mysterious and futuristic.

Podcast of the Week: Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey

Have a great weekend y’all!

Love always,

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