Weekend Update: October 5th

This Week

This week was something else. I’ve been so on edge lately, which is making me crazy. I’ve been so moody; taking things out on the people who don’t deserve it. Have you been like this before? I hate it. Thankfully I can catch myself and apologize for it quickly. My poor boyfriend y’all. He’s the sweetest person ever and just takes it. I’m so grateful to be with someone that’s beyond understanding. Sometimes life just sucks and what makes it bearable are the people you surround yourself with. I started writing letters to my best friend, hmmmmm.. about 3 years ago maybe, and then we stopped once we got a little more busy. BUT I’m bringing it back because I didn’t realize how de-stressing writing out my feelings could truly be.

This past weekend was my 25th birthday, so I decided to make a video talking about the 25 things I’ve learned in the past year! PS: I still can’t believe I’m 25.

Weekend Plans

Today, I’ll be working, per usual. After work I’m off to Fayetteville for the weekend! Whitney and I have tons of fun things planned. We are so happy to be spending fall together. It’s been way too long. Having my sister so close by is seriously the best. That evening, we’ll most likely grab dinner then catch up with each other.

Saturday, Whitney is working in the morning and I’m going to be working on some cool things for an upcoming launch. Once, she’s off work we’re heading out to go apple picking! I’ve always wanted to go apple picking after seeing the beautiful pictures people take doing it in the north east. So.. you could say I’m pretty darn excited! That evening, we don’t have any plans yet, which I’m okay with. I like going with the flow.

Sunday, We’re getting up and going to a pumpkin patch! My sister and I are CRAZY about anything fall and Halloween related so we are thrilled to walk through a pumpkin patch with our pumpkin coffee in hand. After that, we’re heading to Fayetteville’s Octoberfest!! I’m ready to drink some beer and eat a pretzel! haha, because that’s what you do at Octoberfest right? I’ve never been to one before!


SHOES were the theme of this week!
1. Light pink vans!
2. Metallic Toms sneakers

What I’m Crushin’ On:

I’m ALWAYS crushin’ on somethin’
1. Soft & Sexy Henley – $25
2. Waffle Cardigan – $35
3. Bow Scrunchy – $12.50

Show of the Week: I’m rewatching Gilmore Girls for the 219491437th time. It’s something about fall that makes me want to watch Lorelei and Rory drink coffee and wear sweaters.

Song of the Week: Hosier – Nina Cried Power

Have a great weekend y’all!

Love always,

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