Weekend Update: October 19th

This Week

This week was all about recouping. Austin City Limits took a toll on me, in the best way! You can read more about that here and see pictures of all the food we ate here. I came back to Tulsa late Monday night. I’ve become a pro traveler lately flying back and forth from Dallas to Tulsa. The next 3 weekends I’ll be traveling!! My cousin has her baby shower next weekend, then Baylor homecoming, and finally the renaissance fair. Oh my gosh and then I’m flying home for Thanksgiving. WOW! Ya girl is definitely stocking up on miles, that’s for sure.

Weekend Plans

Today, I’m going to work BUT after work, I’m hanging out with Andrew! He’s driving to Tulsa for Octoberfest this weekend. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing this evening, probably getting some pizza and relaxing!

Saturday, Andrew and I will probably go hiking at Turkey mountain then head to Octoberfest. Did you guys know that Tulsa has one of the biggest Octoberfest’s in the country?! Tulsa?! I can’t believe it. Then evening, I have no idea what we’ll be up to. I like just going with the flow.

Sunday, We’re going to eat at Abuelos’ new location! I was invited to try some of their food and and see the new place. I’m SO excited! After lunch, Andrew will be heading back to Waco and I’ll mostly likely film a video or blog a little.


I finally bought a full body mirror!!
1. Textured Silver Mirror

What I’m Crushin’ On:

I’m ALWAYS crushin’ on somethin’
1. Pizza Sweater – $34.50
2. Pumpkin Cat Socks – $5
3. Pom Knit Beanie – $30

Song of the Week: Medication – Yungblud

Enjoy your weekend!

Love always,

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